Thursday, June 2, 2011

Leg problem for doggie- Luxating Patellas

I want to highlight to those people that are having a dog or plan to get one in the future. There are so many health related issue link to doggie. For a dog owner, it's really devastating to hear from the vet that your pet is not healthy. Taking out the cost involved, what you really want is for your dog to stay healthy.

Recently, I just bring my dog to the vet for eye checking. Somehow, a red blood patch appears at the eye.
The doctor say there are 2 reasons for this situation, one is worm attack and another one is effect of a trauma. Thus, the doctor does a blood test to see if my doggie blood plated is normal. The result show negative result, so she gave my doggie some eye drop.

As this is the first time I visit a vet, I ask the vet to give my dog a full body check. It turn out the vet told me my dog have this "luxating patellas ". We discuss about the behavior of my dog , she commented if for serious case , the dog need operation to make the knee cap deeper.

She also showed me how to feel the hint and I was shocked that something is moving and dislocated. At that point, I am confuse and worried.
Once I goggled the term “luxating patellas”, I noticed it is a very common among canine family.
It is either inherited or the cause of a trauma/accident. I check many website and i think my dog only at the stage 1 categories whereby no surgery needed. I just need to make sure my dog is not overweight or having knee supplement to strengthen the leg.

One of the most obvious symptom of this health issue is your dog sometimes walk with 3 instead of 4 leg. So, do take note and watch out for the symptom.

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